Choices: Stories you play – Beginner’s guide


There many approaches that one can adopt in order to improve his performance in any video game. You can either throw yourself into the game and discover the different aspects that surrounds your gameplay and eventually find what works and does not work. Or you can benefit from other people’s experiences and save yourself a lot of time of time. We highly advice you to go for the second approach as it’ll help you to start properly in Choices: Stories you play.

That’s exactly what we did for you today. We prepared a list of instructions that you should follow to have a good start and enjoy your experience on the game. The first that you should put on your mind is that Choices: Stories you play isn’t like the other games. It’s based on the concept of alternative endings depending on the player’s choices. Many popular games have adopter the same ending style to give the player more freedom and make him feel in control of the game. This aspects directly involves the player in the realistic dimension of the game, and makes him or her feel like he’s not independent from his character.

Consider playing Choices: Stories you play, like reading a book. It’s better to approach the game that way and enjoy the events that occur when you make a choice. Of course, the displayed conversations and options are adapted to real life situations that we witness every day. You’ll interact with different types of people that you surely met or will meet. What’s unique about the game is the immersion into the stories through the conversational options displayed to the player. You directly get involved in the story and each choice you make will have different consequences.

The game is based on establishing social links in different environment. It’s up to you to choose whom you want to hang out with, fall in love with and your enemies. However, sometimes it seems that there’s only one alternative that you should live with. The player has to get out of a certain situation with the less damages. Going through such situations is part of the game and overcoming these problems is something you’ll enjoy.

Finally, we advise you to enjoy each minute of your game time. And if you feel that you need additional resources to move forward, just be dedicated to the game and know how to conduct good researches. There are many groups and forums full of players with whom you can exchange freely and discuss the game.